About Me


My name is kayla slater…

I am a Registered Dietitian, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, online nutrition coach, community dietitian, marathon runner, fitness fanatic and run coach, and writer based out of Upstate NY. I help female plant-based endurance runners fuel their best for performance!

Do you struggle with fueling your body right for performance?

I did too. As a high school cross country and track athlete, I was running so much and not eating enough, I lost a lot of weight. Why? Well one, I didn’t understand that I needed to eat more calories since I was burning calories. And second, I struggled with my body image and was afraid of getting fat. I was told to eat healthy - fruits, vegetables, and limit sweets (which I just omitted all together). But the problem was I lost so much weight and had a poor relationship with food, I was headed for an eating disorder.

The problem: I struggled with eating healthy and fueling for performance.

And when I adopted a plant-based lifestyle to focus on getting most of my nutrients from plants and plant proteins to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer (history in my family) and help the environment, I realized the new struggles I faced.

How do I eat enough protein? How do I know how many calories I need when training? How do I eat enough carbs for performance, but to maintain my weight? I don’t want to gain weight. What if I have nutrient deficiencies (because of my low consumption of iron rich foods) that impact my performance?

It’s not easy, but it is possible. You can maintain your weight and feel confident! You can achieve optimum health and happiness while performing well!

And I want to help you!